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How can I remove or cancel my account?

You can fully delete your account and remove all data by doing the following:

  1. First, note that by doing this all your plants and other data will be deleted and there is no way to reverse this
  2. Open Planta
  3. Go into My Plants tab
  4. Tap Settings (gear at the top right corner)
  5. Go into Account settings
  6. At the bottom you'll see an option to delete the account and all data
  7. Follow the flow
  8. Remember that there is no way to undo this once you choose to delete all your data, including all your plants

When a Planta account is deleted, the data associated with the account are anonymized and all personal details are removed from Planta.

Please note that account deletions are permanent and cannot be reversed. When an account is deleted, the complete session history and all saved sessions are deleted. 

If you are paying for a premium subscription:

All subscriptions and purchases are handled by Apple and connected to your iTunes account. You can easily manage and cancel subscriptions by following this guide from Apple.

Or, if you are using the Android version of the app, you can find more information here