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How to change Apple login to an email login

Sometimes you may want to share your account's plants and care schedule with someone else. To be able to do that, your account must be connected to an email and password.

To change private Apple ID follow the steps below:

  1. Find the settings in your iPhone and enter your iCloud
  2. Tap “Password and security” and “Apps using Apple ID”. 
  3. Tap on the app “Planta” and find the email that ends with “appleid.com” 
  4. Make sure forwarding is set to ‘on’ and that there is a working mail typed in
  5. Copy the Apple ID email and go back to Planta
  6. Log out of the account, click on “forgot password” and paste the apple.id address
  7. Check your email for a reset password (sometimes it ends up in the junk or spam folder)
  8. When you receive the email, follow the mail instructions.
  9. Choose the option “Login with email” and type in the apple.id address
  10. Go to the tab “My plants” > Settings in the right corner > Account > tap “Email” and change the address to whichever email you want to use.