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My Planta app is crashing (iOS)

If your Planta app starts crashing (closing down without notice) you can follow these steps to try and fix the issue:

  1. Go to iPhone Settings and tap your profile (your name in the top)
  2. Tap "iCloud"
  3. Tap "Manage Storage" - on this screen, you will see your current iCloud storage available.
  4. Select "Backups" from the list. You will see all devices that are currently using the iCloud backup storage.
  5. Choose the current iPhone you are using. Hint: It will say "This iPhone"
  6. You will see a small list of apps under "Choose Data to Back Up" (It make take some time for it to load, just wait). Tap "Show All Apps"
  7. Find the Planta app in the list and slide the white dot to the left so that the color changes from green to white.
  8. A window will pop up that asks "Do you want to turn off Planta backups and delete the backup data from iCloud?" Tap Turn Off & Delete
  9. Go back to iPhone Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Scroll down to the list of apps and tap Planta
  10. Next, tap "Delete App" and tap again to confirm.
  11. Now your Planta app will be permanently deleted on your iPhone (and other iOS devices)
  12. Restart your phone
  13. Now go to the App Store and reinstall Planta
  14. Login with your email and password 

If you still have issues with the app crashing after these steps you should contact our support from within the app and we'll investigate.

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