Personal data

2 min. readlast update: 02.21.2024

This is what we track, and why:

  • Personal data
    • Location data: to be able to give you the right care advice for your plants. Where you are on the planet affects how much water and what type of care your plants need.
    • Contact info (Email address): We use your email if you choose to create an account.  This is so you can save your plants and tracked data within the app. This also allows you to access your data on multiple devices (or to be able login on a new device, if you switch phones for example)
  • Contacts - we don’t have access to this nor do we save it
  • Purchase history - to be able to know if you are paying for a premium subscription and in that case give you access to the premium features. This is also to be able to restore your premium account, if you happen to lose it

Also: We promise you, from the bottom of our hearts, that we are not selling your information to anyone. We are a plant care app and all we want to do is to make sure your plants live, thrive and are happy. That’s all. 

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